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About Chitra Ayurveda

Dr. Chitrangani Damayanthi Priyawardana
My Certificates

My Name is Morawakkoralage Dona Chithrangani Damayanthi Piyawardana. In 1987, I followed a Diploma in Ayurvedic and currently living my grandfather’s house which is 106 years old and who is my mother’s father.

Currently I’m employed as an Ayurvedic doctor and carrying out Ayurvedic treatment at my residence.
My mother’s father, who is my grandfather, is Gampaha Siddharyuweda. Also my mother, grandmother and mother’s grandmother were also Teachers with higher studies along with a diploma from the talents which I got from my grandfather. Currently four Ayurvedic employees are working under me. They are employed with an effective training.

My residence is located in a city named Bentota, Sooriyagoda which is famous for tourism in Down South of Sri Lanka, in front of Hotel Vivantha by Taj, near the beach.  So many tourists visit me here for Ayurvedic treatments and I’m really proud to say that time to time they come for me to get these treatments done. And also I thank for everyone for publishing about me and my Ayurvedic treatment center in the internet to the world and I wish everyone a healthy life..!

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